This guide describes how to create maps and scenarios for Zetawar.

First some explanation of terminology is needed. Games take place on maps, but maps by themselves don't include units or bases. Scenarios describe the initial state of units and bases on a map. This alows a single map to support multiple scenarios.

The map and scenario data are located in the Clojure maps in the 'maps' and 'scenarios' vars in src/cljs/zetawar/data.cljs. To add your own maps and scenarios simply add new entries to those maps. For help understanding the data format, check out the map and scenario format dev cards.

While creating maps and and scenarios it's useful to be able to see what they look like. To get a live preview while editing, add devcards for your scenarios to src/cljs/zetawar/devcards/scenarios.cljs. Then run "boot dev" (after installing boot if necessary) and browse to http://localhost:3000/devcards#!/zetawar.devcards.scenarios.